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The hands-on support provided during one-on-one yoga therapy sessions is invaluable.

One-on-One Yoga Sessions

Yoga Therapy is a powerful way to re-pattern the body and mind and to move into a place of well-being and harmony. If you experience chronic pain in your body or have had an acute injury, one-on-one yoga therapy provides a tool for you to create life-enhancing patterns in your whole being to clear pain and to facilitate healing.

In a yoga therapy session, clients can expect to learn therapeutic bio-mechanical principles that facilitate healing, shifting chronic patterns of pain and acute injuries into areas of knowledge and empowerment. One-on-one yoga is a wonderful way to be introduced to yoga if you are a beginner; and if you are already a yoga practitioner, it is an excellent way to learn corrections on postures.

Lila has been working with clients to help them transform their limitations into tools for growth, expansion, and joy. After experiencing both chronic pain in her own body for years, as well as acute injuries, she learned how transformative the yoga therapy practice can really be, offering a profound way to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

About Lila Rasa Brown

One of Lila’s great joys is to guide practitioners into a space of true transformation, encouraging them to fully discover, honor, and gracefully reveal their most authentic nature through the practices of yoga, evolutionary astrology, and meditation. Lila has practiced yoga and meditation for over seventeen years, has taught for over fourteen years, and was a Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher from 2005 through 2012. Most recently Lila has been developing and teaching Rasa Yoga, a practice that incorporates skillful alignment and action in the body with yogic myths, philosophy, and evolutionary astrology to create a rich, profound, and soulful experience both on and off the mat. She delights in offering yoga classes, yoga therapy sessions, workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats presently and has been leading yoga teacher training programs for nearly a decade. Lila feels grateful to continue her studies with her primary teacher Adyashanti, as well as inspiring yoga teachers, scholars of Hindu Tantrism, and evolutionary astrologers. Her passion for practicing evolutionary astrology has been a perfect complement to the yoga practice, and she loves creating a space of magic and healing where her clients feel supported to transform in the most radical of ways. From 2006 to 2011, Lila directed Gateway Yoga in Raleigh, NC, a yoga studio dedicated to the principles of Anusara Yoga, and was part of the faculty at the American Dance Festival in Durham, NC, from 2008 – 2012.

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