Meg Campion, RMT

Meg CampionAfter years of being a dedicated practitioner and teacher of yoga, Meg embarked along the path of massage therapy in 2006 and completed the spa therapy program at the Vancouver school of bodywork and massage therapy. The integrated system of mind, body and breath has always been the surest route to balance, health and happiness for her and after years of working in the spa and wellness industry she completed the Registered Massage Therapy Program at Utopia Academy in 2012, as she still felt the desire to deepen her knowledge of anatomy and treatment modalities.

Her treatments draw on a variety of swedish and deep tissue techniques, including deep flow, joint mobilizations, myofascial release and trigger point therapy which are all very effective at treating conditions such as headaches, low back pain, over-use injuries and stress-related conditions. Her passion and focus in school was pre-natal massage and she is very happy to have found a home with Soma Studio. Combined with her knowledge of yoga therapy and breath work she brings a combination of therapeutic treatment and awareness of the breath to the table.

She has and always will be a student of the world and has gained as much experience from growing up in the Yukon and her many travels as she has from formal schooling. Humbled and passionate, she is always eager to learn more when it comes to the vast universe of anatomy, massage therapy, yoga, health, magic and adventure. She is honoured to have a career that brings as much balance and happiness to her clients as it does to her.
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