“It’s In You To Give”


One day my husband and I were out and about in this beautiful city and we passed the Oak Street Blood Services Clinic.  He said, “hey, we should go give blood sometime”.  Well, I can think of a whole lot of other activities to do on date night than give blood. But nonetheless, we went in.  I was reminded how very important blood products are in saving lives.

The staff and nurses are very friendly, professional and skilled. They put me at ease immediately.  It was really easy and did not hurt as much as I thought!  As the blood was collecting, I couldn’t help but think that I have seen too many episodes of True Blood.   That is sad really, that I associate blood with a TV show.  Blood products are necessary in cancer treatments, trauma situations and surgeries.

Who can donate?

The nurses will do a full screening to see if you are healthy enough to give blood but here are a few basic requirements:

  • must be over 17 years old and weighing more than 110 pounds
  • in general good health
  • have a good meal the night before (yah! I get to eat pasta) and a good breakfast day of.
  • no exercise day of
  • adequate sleep

I hope I have inspired you to at least consider donating!

The blood bank is low and remember “It’s in you to give.”

Find out more by checking out the Canadian Blood Services website www.blood.ca

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