Soap Making by Jessica Rempel RMT

soapI’m not the type of person to sit still unoccupied. I’m a girl with a million hobbies… so when the idea was suggested to me to learn how to make soap I jumped at the opportunity. What is one more hobby?!

With just a few common household items soap is actually quite easy to make. You just need oil, lye and water. In days gone by fat was trimmed from butchered meat and turned to lard as the source of oil. In my cousins grade 12 chemistry class she was lucky enough to go through the fat harvesting process. I opt for the easy option: olive oil.

There are two different processes for making soap: the hot method and the cold method. The cold method takes a little longer, but produces harder bars. The hot method makes soap you can use the next day. Using different combinations of oils changes the amount of suds.

Mixing the grated soap half and half with washing soda gives you the best laundry detergent ever. Perfect even for the high efficiency machines

Home made soap is truly the gentlest soap around. I can use it on my sensitive skin and that sais a lot!

If that wasn’t amazing enough…. it is cheap! One batch, made into bars and laundry detergent lasts us a few months and costs less than ten bucks.

There is a sea of wonderful resources out there if you are interested in a soap making adventure.

There is a sea of wonderful resources out there if you are interested in a soap making adventure.  Here is a place to start!



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